How to install Minecraft resource packs

This guide / tutorial will take you through all the steps on how to install resource packs in Minecraft. Installing resource and texture packs is actually pretty easy.

Resource and texture packs is a good way to customize and enhance the Minecraft experience. With texture packs, the Minecraft developers, made it easy for people to customize how things look in Minecraft. The default resource pack can be pretty pixelated and look like something from decades ago.

Installing Resource Packs

1. Download the resource pack you want to use. Do not unzip the file.

2. Open Minecraft.

3. Pres ESC and click options. From there click on Resource Packs and Open resource pack folder.

4. Now copy the resource pack file you downloaded previously, to this folder.

5. Go back to Minecraft, the resource pack should now be on the list. Choose it and click Done.

6. That’s it – simple as that, enjoy !

Please note that some resource and texture packs require additional mods to work. Some resource packs has connected textures and other features, and may require for example MCPatcher or OptiFine to work properly.

If you are having any trouble, please leave a comment and we will try to help.

It is recommended to use one of the graphic optimizers mentioned – MCPatcher and OptiFine both works fine. But it is not recommended to use them at the same time. They share some of the same features which can cause troubles. If you do use both anyway, remember to disable the features in MCPatcher that is already included in OptiFine, otherwise you may experience errors.